Fox Red Labrador Puppies are now Three weeks old

Wow what a fabulous three weeks we’ve had with our Fox Red Labrador Puppies. They are all thriving, they have all put on lots of weight and are turning into stunning Labrador puppies. Our Fox Red Labrador Puppies have been wormed at age 2 weeks and their will continue on weeks four, six, eight. We are awaiting their Kennel Club registration papers , once they arrived we will be delighted to share their kennel club names with you.

How’s mum doing?

Labrador Pip (dam) is doing fantastic, she is in love with her litter of Fox Red Labrador puppies. She has made a great recovery post birth, pip is doing an amazing job of feeding her puppies. To help Labrador Pip with her puppies we rotated her puppies for feeding every two hours day and night  for the first two weeks.

What are the puppies doing in week 3

Our Fox Red Labrador puppies all now have their eyes open, this happened around week 2! They are still sleeping loads as they are still very young but in their wake windows they are starting to walk about and play with each other. It is super important that young Labrador puppies are well handled to build confidence. Their weening journey will soon begin I will keep you all up to date with how we do this.

Our beautiful Fox Red Labrador Puppies have arrived

There is lots of information in our last post about our Fox Red Labrador puppies which I have linked above.

Our puppies can leave for their new homes from 8 weeks old. The puppies will leave Kennel club registered with a five generation certificate. They will be microchipped which will be registered into the new owners name. They will of visited the vet for a health check and received their first vaccination. All the puppies will all leave with five weeks free puppy insurance. All puppies will be up to date with worming and flea treatments.
New owners will receive an information pack.

Both Parents are fully health tested

Our Beautiful Labrador Pip 1 of our Labrador Females All Pips details are in my previous post.

Sire is a fully health tested deep Fox Red Labrador stud. Sire is 7 dna clear and Bva hip and elbow scored Elbows 0/0 Hips 2/3


Thank you for reading, keep your eyes peeled for pictures of our Fox Red Labrador puppies in my next post. All our love Martyn and Mel x

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Puppy Questionnaire

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