Our Yellow Female Labrador Pip

Pip has been apart of our pack since she was a 8 week old puppy Labrador and what a pleasure she has been to own. Pip is your typical happy playful Labrador, she loves people especially our daughter Eva and other animals.

Getting to know Pip

Pip is our Health Screened KC Registered Yellow Labrador. Pip has has one litter of Fox Red Labrador Puppies and is currently pregnant with her Second Litter of Fox Red Labradors Puppies. Pip is Mother to Vomdarka Paddy Our Dogswho you may remember from my previous blog. Wow Our Fox Red Labrador Stud 7 DNA health test Results 

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Pips BVA Hip and Elbow Results

Our Labrador Pip has been Hip and Elbow scrored by a Kennel Club BVA accredited Vet. Her results are as follows Hips 4/6 Elbows 0/0. These scores are recorded on her Kennel Club paperwork and available to view online.

Pips DNA Health results

Our Yellow Labrador Pip has been DNA tested via laboklin and is clear of the following MCD, STGD, EIC,HNPK,CNM,PRCD-PRA.

How are Pips Fox Red Labrador Pups doing now?

In one word Fantastic! They are not so little anymore and have all gone on to wonderful things. You will see me talk more about them in individual posts and go through their amazing Low Hip and Elbow score Results and DNA Test which we are super proud of.

How’s pips second Pregnancy going?

Beautifully. She is very happy and relaxed and loves a good snooze! She has been moved into a pregnancy routine with food, exercise, worming and it’s all about keeping her healthy and happy. It’s like she was made to be a mummy we are super excited for another litter of Fox Red Labrador Puppies to arrive.

Do we know how many Labrador Puppies she is due?

Here at Vomdarka we don’t get caught up in scanning for numbers. We do a conformation scan to confirm for pregnancy so we can alter her routine and give her the best pregnancy care possible. We believe every litter of Fox Red Labrador Puppies is a blessing and we love a good surprise on the day when the Fox red Labrador pups arrive.

What colour will her puppies be?


Pip has been mated with a Deep Fox Red Labrador so we are expecting Fox Red Labrador Puppies. Pips previous litter were gorgeous Fox Red Labradors with a lovely deep colour.

Is Pip a good mum?

Yes! She self welped her first litter of Labrador puppies and wow what a mummy she was.We looked after her and she done the rest. A true angel.

Who does Pip like the most?

Hand on heart she loves all people she isn’t a one man or women Labrador. She is your typical Labrador and just loves to be around people.

Fun facts about Pip

Labrador Pip is very easy going and has an eagerness to please. She loves the water as most Labradors do! She is super affectionate and super intelligent. Pip gets along with our other dogs and animals fantastically whether is be a fox red Labrador, goat, chicken or pony she is super social. She travels really well and loves a good groom. Show Pip a ball and she’ll be your best friend.

Time for me to wrap it up

I will be back to talk to you again soon with plenty of updates and pictures of pip and her Fox Red Labrador puppies. Thank you for reading our blog please keep your eyes out for more about Pip and our other Fox Red Labradors soon.  Thank you for reading Martyn and Mel xxx



Puppy Questionnaire

Puppy Questionnaire

If you would like to own one of our Fox Red Labrador’s, please begin the process by filling out this questionnaire.

We always try to find the best possible home and environment for our dogs. Due to various reasons, not all applicants are a good fit and some are not selected.

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