Labradoodles: The Perfect Blend of Intelligence and Affection

Today I thought I would write a little of the fantastic qualities of Labradoodles. We have Labradoodle puppies available and any questions are welcome via our contact details 07568151535 or or feel free to fill in our puppy questionnaire. I’ll pop details of parents at the bottom of this post so please read on.


In the realm of canine companions, Labradoodles have emerged as a delightful crossbreed, capturing the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. Born from the union of the intelligent Labrador Retriever and the hypoallergenic Poodle, Labradoodles embody the best of both worlds – a harmonious blend of intelligence, affection, and adaptability.

One of the defining characteristics of Labradoodles is their intelligence. Labradors are renowned for their keen intellect and trainability, while Poodles consistently rank high in canine intelligence tests. When these two breeds come together, the result is a four-legged friend with an exceptional capacity for learning and understanding commands. Labradoodles thrive in various training settings, making them suitable for families, service roles, and even agility competitions.

Beyond their smarts, Labradoodles are celebrated for their friendly and affectionate nature. Labradors are known for their loyalty and love for human companionship, traits that seamlessly blend with the sociable demeanor of Poodles. Labradoodles are not just pets; they are integral members of the family who form strong bonds with their owners. Their gentle and loving disposition makes them excellent choices for households with children or individuals seeking a devoted furry friend.

The Poodle lineage in Labradoodles contributes an additional layer of appeal – hypoallergenic qualities. While no dog is entirely hypoallergenic, the Poodle’s low-shedding coat significantly reduces the likelihood of triggering allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Labradoodles inherit this hypoallergenic trait, making them a viable option for families with allergy concerns.

One notable aspect of Labradoodles is their adaptability to various living environments. Whether in a spacious suburban home or a cozy urban apartment, Labradoodles adjust well to their surroundings. Their moderate size, coupled with their friendly demeanor, allows them to seamlessly integrate into diverse living situations. This adaptability makes Labradoodles an excellent choice for first-time dog owners and those with varying lifestyles.

Exercise is another area where Labradoodles shine. Labradors are known for their energetic nature, and Poodles bring agility to the mix. Labradoodles thrive on regular physical activity, whether it’s daily walks, playtime in the backyard, or engaging in canine sports. This energy, combined with their intelligence, makes Labradoodles versatile companions for individuals and families who enjoy outdoor activities or nice family walks.

Labradoodles embody the perfect combination of intelligence, affection, and adaptability, making them an increasingly popular choice among dog enthusiasts. Their friendly nature, coupled with hypoallergenic qualities, positions them as ideal companions for a wide range of families and individuals. Labradoodles are not just pets; they are charming, loving members of the family who bring joy and companionship to every corner of our lives.

We hold a 5star licence for dog breeding which is the highest rating you can be grated, so you can ensure puppies are off to the best possible in life.

We have fox Red Labradoodle puppies available male and female. Puppies are currently 6 days old and doing really thriving. Mum is caring for them beautifully and is quite the proud first time mum.

Mother (dam) is a fox red Labrador she is fully health tested including hip and elbow scored. This is her first litter. She is your typical loving Labrador she is really social great with our children and other dogs. She is well trained and a real credit to the Labrador breed.


Dad (sire) is a health tested including hip and elbow scored Red Poodle and again he is very social lives with a household of other dogs and children. He is a popular stud for his beautiful temperament and looks.

Puppies can leave from 8 weeks old after having a vet checkup , first injection, microchip they will be wormed every 2 weeks and flea treatment given as a precaution. I will also give an information pack for your convenience. Puppies are priced at £1500  no expensive has been spared in raising these beautiful pups.
Puppies also receive 24/7 care they are looked after around the clock. Pups will be well socialised, well handled , used to household noise , different environments ect before leaving for their new homes so ensure you are adding a quality social pup to your family.

If you have any questions please give me a call , text , email whatever suits you best and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Mini poodle
Mini poodle

More pics will be added as the puppies grow.


thank you for taking the time to read my post Mel xx

Puppy Questionnaire

Puppy Questionnaire

If you would like to own one of our Fox Red Labrador’s, please begin the process by filling out this questionnaire.

We always try to find the best possible home and environment for our dogs. Due to various reasons, not all applicants are a good fit and some are not selected.

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