Fox Red Labrador Stud PaddyWow Fox Red Labrador Vomdarka Paddy gets first place

Here at fox Red Labradors and friends we are incredibly proud of our Fox Red Labrador Vomdarka Paddy who came first place in his working puppy test.
Fox Red Labrador Vomdarka Paddy was entered into a working puppy test on 23rd April 2023 where he completed against many other Labradors for first place.
Fox Red Labrador Vomdarka Paddy comes into his own when he is out on the field and is truly a credit to the Labrador breed, Vomdarka Paddy has been trained by Martyn who is self taught and fuelled by his passion for training and love for the breed. Vomdarka Paddy has incredible heel work and is eager to please when out on the field.

How many Labradors competed?

There were 16 dogs that entered and competed in the working puppy test. There were Black Labradors , yellow Labradors of different varieties including fox red. Both sexes also competed. This puppy test for Labradors was age category up to 18months.

Vomdarka Paddy Took First place

Fox Red Labrador Vomdarka Paddy nearly got a perfect score card which is incredible, Vomdarka Paddy took First Place which was very well deserved. The judges and other gun dog handlers showered Vomdarka Paddy with praise as he was truly fantastic to watch.

What now for Vomdarka Paddy

Fox Red Labrador Vomdarka Paddy has already entered his next Working Dog Test so I will come back and update you all with the results. Fox Red Labrador Vomdarka Paddy is nearly of age for Stud and will soon be available to selected bitches.
Fox Red Labrador Vomdarka Paddy is fully health tested.
Vomdarka Paddy health results are available online or have a look at my previous post Wow Our Fox Red Labrador Stud 7 DNA health test Results 

Fox Red Labrador Vomdarka Paddy has a clear BVA eye test April 23. He is 7 dna tested clear and hip and elbow scored via the BVA scheme.

We would like to thank all the judges , dummy throwers, organisers for their part in the day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post please come back soon to find out Vomdarka Paddy’s next results.
Mel and Martyn xx

Puppy Questionnaire

Puppy Questionnaire

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We always try to find the best possible home and environment for our dogs. Due to various reasons, not all applicants are a good fit and some are not selected.

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